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The new Mountfield MTF 72H lawn rider is easy to operate and extremely smooth to drive and offers excellent maneuverability. It is ideally suited to smaller outdoor spaces thanks to its compact size and tight 140cm turning circle. (Think: mowing around trees and other garden obstacles). If you’ve got around an acre of land then this MTF 72H is the perfect choice for the discerning gardener of today.

Jam packed with practical features, this Mountfield MTF 72H lawn rider offers an extremely smooth operation thanks to its modern hydrostatic transmission. Gear changes are seamless and you can select from both forward and reverse gears. It works in much the same way as an automatic car, so there’s no clunky gears or stalling to worry about - finally, mowing the lawn can be easy and fun!

The clever chaps at Mountfield have thought of everything it seems, even the generously sized grass collector can be emptied from a sitting position and a handy buzzer will let you know when it's time to empty the cuttings, this ensures the bag does not get over-full and clogged up. This is an excellent feature, and of course thanks to the reverse gear and compact nature of this ride-on, backing up to your compost heap has never been easier!

You’ll love all the extra features such as the parking brake to ensure you can take a break if you need to, or simply park up and leave it unattended. Even the front headlights come as standard on this Mountfield MTF 72H lawn rider - there for your safety and the safety of others of course, so we’re positive that it's just a happy accident that they happen to make this lawn rider look undoubtedly impressive!

We highly recommend that you mulch your grass at various points throughout the growing season and you can actually purchase a mulching plug for this particular model. Mulching your grass will mean that you don’t need to collect or empty the grass cuttings, saving you valuable time and effort. The mulched grass returns vital nutrients back to your lawn, working as a natural and effective fertiliser.
The Mountfield MTF 72H features a reliable and ultra-efficient Stiga ST350 352cc engine - it's easy to start and offers you all the power you need to achieve speeds of up to 8.1km/h, allowing you to get the grass cut with no ifs or buts and in record time too. This highly technical Stiga engine is well built and designed to work hard, so you don’t have to.

You can cut the lawn any way you want thanks to Mountfield’s attention to detail. This Mountfield MTF 72H offers you a generous cutting width of 72cm and a total of 7 cutting heights that range from 30mm to 80mm. This means that whether you’re maintaining a neatly manicured lawn or giving your garden a much needed trim you’re sure to find the setting that suits your needs.

At the end of the working day you’re probably going to want to ensure that your Mountfield MTF 72H stays looking as impressive and gleaming as the day you bought it, right? This is made super easy thanks to the onboard washing link, you simply attach your garden hose and let the powerful jet of water do its thing!

Covered by a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Mountfield MTF 72H Lawn Rider

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