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Offering superior power, versatility and build-quality, this stand-out lawn tractor from leading British brand Mountfield is aimed at discerning domestic gardeners and offers a raft of high-specification features designed to make your life in the garden a whole lot easier!


The Mountfield MTF 98H is one of the few lawn tractors of its size (98cm) to employ a twin-blade cutter deck, with the two winged blades working in harmony to produce a powerful airflow that sends grass-cuttings at high velocity through the exit chute and into the collector. The airflow created is so strong, even damp grass can be bagged without it blocking the chute.


The advantages of twin-blade decks don’t stop there – they also produce a beautifully neat and consistent finish, and are far less likely than their single-blade counterparts to cause unsightly surface scalping.


Capable of holding a sizeable 200 litres of clippings, the capacious grassbag on the Mountfield MTF 98H can be emptied from the driving-position and benefits from an audible ‘catcher full’ warning indicator that serves to prevent overfilling and messy spillages.


Thanks to its seven-position cutting-height range and three cutting-modes (collect; mulch; cut & drop), the adaptable Mountfield MTF 98H can be configured to achieve excellent results, whatever the prevailing conditions.


A deck-mounted wash port makes the job of under-deck debris removal fast and hassle-free; a tight turning-circle combines with light-touch steering to optimise both manoeuvrability and driving-pleasure.


So as to ensure large-scale mowing and towing jobs can completed in comfort, Mountfield have furnished the MTF 98H Lawn Tractor with effortless electronic push-button PTO activation, a fully adjustable driver’s seat – with suspension – and easy, spring-assisted height-of-cut selection.


Power for the Mountfield MTF 98H Lawn Tractor is provided by a substantial 452cc Stiga four-stroke air-cooled engine, which supplies the blades and the wide, high-traction drive wheels with a hefty amount of horsepower. The engine benefits from an emission-limiting and fuel-saving OHV design, which also works to minimise noise and vibration.


This is a hydrostatic machine, so you’ll enjoy infinitely adjustable ground-speed control, with no need for tiresome, time-consuming manual gear changes.

Mountfield MTF 98H Rear-Collect Lawn Tractor with Hydrostatic Drive

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