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The Stiga HPS 650 RG Pressure Washer delivers powerful, deep cleaning of a range of surfaces, from garden machinery to courtyards, cars, vans and swimming pools.

This cold water pressure washer is powered by a 2800-watt electric motor which delivers a maximum pressure of 150 bar with a flow rate of 550 l/h.

The innovative STIGA extra handle and knob for adjusting the pressure provide ultimate user comfort.

The high-pressure hose is 12 metres long and made of reinforced material.

It is wound using the hose reel featuring aluminium guides.

Detergent is drawn automatically using the lance with an adjustable head and the dosage is controlled using the knob positioned on the front of the machine.

The large rubber wheels and telescopic handle make it easy to move, so you can manoeuvre around whatever you are cleaning without compromising stability.

The controls are easy to access and highly visible.

A 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Stiga HPS 650 RG Pressure Washer

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